Notable Copmedia Campaigns

Barbra Streisand

‘Don’t Lie To Me’
‘The Rain Will Fall’

Taken from the #6 charting album ‘Walls’

Label: Columbia Records/Sony Music

Copmedia had the honor to be part of the one and only Barbra Streisand’s 2018 album campaign. The album ‘Walls’, inspired by the current political climate, was released via Columbia Records on 2nd November 2018 and charted at #6 on the OCC Official UK Charts.The lead single ‘Don’t Lie To Me’ was serviced at the end of September 2018.

Copmedia achieved wide ranging playlist support across regional radio groups such as Lincs Group, Wave 105 (Bauer) and The Breeze.

Streisand is the only recording artist in history toachieve a#1Album in six consecutive decades. She has recorded 52 gold, 31 platinum and 13 multi-platinum albums in her career. She is the only woman to make the All-Time Top 10 Best

Streisand is the only recording artist in history to achieve a #1 Album in six consecutive decades. She has recorded 52 gold, 31 platinum and 13 multi-platinum albums in her career. She is the only woman to make the All-Time Top 10 Best Selling Artists list. Streisand has had 34 albums make the Top 10 on the US charts, the only female artist to have achieved this milestone, tying her with Frank Sinatra. She is also the female artist with the most number one albums in Billboard’s history.

Due to her busy schedule and being located in L.A. she wasn’t available for any regional UK promo on this campaign.

Airplay support:

‘Don’t Lie To Me’
Total UK radio airplay to date: 1000 plays
Total UK radio audience impact to date: 114
Total regional playlist support: 18


Updated December 2018



Show Me’ ‘Shine’
‘Under My Skin’

Taken from the #7 charting album ‘Under My Skin’

Label: BMG

After an11 yearshiatus Gabrielle was back with her sixth studio album ‘Under My Skin’ via BMG. Loved for her hits such as ‘Dreams’, ’Out of Reach’ and ‘When A Woman’, Gabrielle was back with yet another soul inspired record showcasing her smooth vocals.

Copmediawas pleased to be part of this album campaign and servicing three singles to UK radio in 2018. We achieved wide ranging support across major groups, ILR’s and BBC stations.

We arranged a six hour ISDN session covering all major regional radio groups as well as several BBC stations. Additionally Copmedia booked her for radio events at Nation Broadcasting, The Wireless Group and BBC Radio Wales.

Airplay support:

‘Show Me’
Total UK radio airplay to date: 3,600 plays
Total UK radio audience impact to date: 130
Total regional playlist support: 39

Total UK radio airplay to date: 5000 plays
Total UK radio audience impact to date: 122
Total regional playlist support: 97

‘Under My Skin’
Total UK radio airplay to date: 1100 plays
Total UK radio audience impact to date: 32 Million
Total regional playlist support: 41

Updated December 2018


Rick Astley

Beautiful Life’
‘She Makes Me’

Taken from the #6 charting album ‘Beautiful Life’

Label: BMG

After his incredible successes spanningover30 years in the music industry with hits like ‘Never gonna give you up’,Rick Astley was back with yet another album –and just like on his big comeback album ‘50’all the tracks were self written/played/produced!

The album ‘Beautiful Life’ featured the singles ‘Beautiful Life’, ‘Try’ and‘She Makes Me’ which Copmedia was proud to promote at UK regional radio and TVstations.The release date was set for 13thJuly 2018 and charted at #6 on the OCC Official UK Charts.

The promo arranged by us included an ISDN session with key stations and radio groups, TV Webstrong Limited is a limited liability company registered in England (registered number 6346627). interviews with BBC and ITV stations, a Meet & Greet competition spanning 15 dates on his UK tour.

Airplay support:

‘Beautiful Life’
Total UK radio airplay to date: 6,600 plays
Total UK radio audience impact to date: 172
Total regional playlist support: 95

Total UK radio airplay to date: 5,400 plays
Total UK radio audience impact to date: 88 Million
Total regional playlist support: 109

‘She Makes Me’
Total UK radio airplay to date: 500 plays
Total UK radio audience impact to date: 33 Million
Total regional playlist support: 68

Updated December 2018


Kylie Minogue

‘Stop Me From Falling’

Taken from the #1 Album ‘Golden’

Label: BMG

Copmedia had the honor to be part of Kylie Minogue’s #1 Golden album campaign which announced the return of one of the world’s biggest superstars!

As a massive global release – Copmedia was servicing all the singles to regional radio achieving incredible support across almost all ILR and BBC stations.

Amongst supporters were;
Bauer Wave 105, Bauer Heat Radio,Bauer Northern Ireland, Celador group, Quidem Group, Nation Broadcasting, Lincs Group, UKRD Group, Gyadio, BBC Local Network, BBC Radio Wales and British Forces Radio.

Total Plays: 14.5K plays
Total Impact: 210 Million
Total Regional Playlists: 131

‘Stop Me From Falling’
Total Plays: 11K
Total Impact: 186 Million
Total Regional Playlists: 93

The album charted at #1 on 19th April 2018 on the Official UK Album charts and achieved Bpi Silver status on 20th April 2018.

The title track ‘Golden’ was serviced to regional radio at the end of May 2018. Copmedia continued to work on all remaining singles as part of the ‘Golden’ Album campaign, including the duet ‘Music’s Too Sad Without You’ featuring Jack Savoretti - another Copmedia Gold certified artist!

Updated June 2018


Franz Ferdinand

‘Always Ascending’

‘Feel The Love Go’

‘Glimpse Of Love’

From The Top 10 charting album ‘Always Ascending’

Label: Domino Records

Copmedia was pleased to be a part of the Franz Ferdinand album campaign 2017/18 with the band back in brilliant form with two new members.

The title track of the bands 5th studio album was serviced to UK regional radio in October of 2017.

‘Always Ascending’
Total plays to date: 3k
Total UK impact to date: 46 Million 
Total regional playlists: 23

Following up was the second single ‘Feel The Love Go’ which was serviced in early January and achieved wide support across regional radio.

‘Feel The Love Go’
Total plays to date: 3K
Total UK impact to date: 60 Million
Total regional playlists: 32

Finally, we serviced the third single ‘Glimpse of Love’ at the end of March.

‘Glimpse of Love’
Total plays to date: 500
Total UK impact to date: 34 Million
Total regional playlists: 17

The album reached #6 on the OCC UK Album charts on 22nd February 2018.

Copmedia organised promo in the form of an ISDN session and a radio tour for the band all across regional ILR and BBC stations with the likes of;
BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio WM, Entertainment News, Juice Brighton, Metro Radio, Radio City Talk, Sam FM, STV, UKRD Group, Vibe 107.5, XS Manchester.

Additionally Franz Ferdinand received support from major groups such as Imagine FM, Lincs Group, Quidem Group, Sunshine Group and more.

Updated June 2018


Lisa Stansfield


Label: Ear Music

The British Queen of Soul Lisa Stansfield, still one of the most recognizable voices around, announced her return with the new album ‘Deeper’ early 2018 with the instant grat track ‘Everything’. The album featured all new material staying true to her soul and gospel roots.

Copmedia serviced the lead single ‘Billionaire’ towards at the end of February 2018 to all regional ILR’s and BBC local stations.

We followed up with booking a nationwide radio tour covering the likes of; Celador Group, Lincs Group, Imagine FM, Key 103, More Radio Group, The Revolution, The Wireless Group, Wave 105, BBC Local Network Show, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC Radio Solent and BBC Radio Wales.

Total Plays: 2K
Total Impact: 40 Million
Total Playlists: 30

The album charted at #15 on the OCC UK Album charts on 19th April 2018 – an incredible result!

Updated June 2018


The Shires



From the album ‘Accidentally on Purpose’

Label: Decca Records

With great pleasure Copmedia became part of the campaign team for UK’s biggest selling Country act of all time – The Shires! Their promising third album ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ was released on 20th April 2018.

We worked the lead single ‘Guilty’ which we serviced to regional radio on 8th March which was followed up by a fun music video filmed in the States.

Regional radio picked up on the track very quickly as the bands massive success with their two previous Gold albums (BPI) had everyone in high anticipation.

The track achieved over 3.8K plays with an impact of over 127 Million. Regional was leading on support with 85 playlists - brilliant result!

The second single ‘Sleepwalk’ which was instantly added to Radio 2, was serviced  to regional radio in May and thanks to that push, achieved great initial support at regional radio. By the end of May the track achieved more than 300 plays with an impact of over 28 Million.

Copmedia also organised a wide range of promo with regional supporters such as a UK wide radio tour and ISDN session covering the likes of BBC Radio Local stations + Network shows, Metro Radio (Bauer), Wave 105 (Bauer), The Wireless Group, Imagine, Lincs Group, Chris Country, Celador Group, Quidem Group, Nation Broadcasting, UKRD Group, Gaydio, BBC Look East TV, The Revolution, Dee/Silk Radio, STV, KVH Studios, Zest Liverpool  
and many more.

The album charted at #3 on the official UK charts on 3rd May 2018. 

Updated June 2018


Kim Wilde

‘Pop Don’t Stop’
‘Kandy Krush’

Taken from the #21 charting album ‘Here Come The Aliens’

Label: Wildflower Records/Absolute Label Services

After a 15 years hiatus the iconic Kim Wilde announced her new album ‘Here Come The Aliens’ which was released on 16th March 2018. The album featured brand new songs paying tribute to all the genre’s that have inspired Kim Wilde throughout her career.

The first single ‘Pop Don’t Stop’ was serviced at the end of January 2018 to all regional ILR’s and BBC stations. The track picked up relatively quickly and achieved a great amount of support.

Total Plays: 2.3K
Total Impact: 104 Million
Total Playlists: 37

The second single ‘Kandy Krush’ was serviced at the end of March and similarly picked up well too with wide ranging support at regional radio.

Total plays: 900
Total Impact: 60 Million
Total Playlists: 32

Copmedia arranged a wide range of promo as part of this campaign in form of an ISDN session and several phone interviews covering The Wireless Group, Lincs Group, BFBS, Nation Broadcasting, Entertainment News, UKRD Group, Gaydio and several BBC Local stations.

Additional regional supporters were: Lincs Group, National Broadcasting, UKRD Group, KMFM, Wave 105, BBC Local radio stations, British Forces Radio, Time 107.5, Dee/Silk FM, Radio Plymouth and many more.

Updated June 2018


George Michael

‘Fantasy’ ft. Nile Rodgers

Taken from the album ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1’ (2017 Re-Issue)

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

It was an absolute honour for Copmedia to be a part of the ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1’ Re-issue campaign. George Michael’s very personal and final project before his sudden death on Christmas day 2016. He had been working on this project including a documentary that aired on Channel 4, up until his passing. The campaign was launched with the initial single ‘Fantasy’ featuring Nile Rodgers. The track was first released in 1990 as a B-Side of his legendary Freedom 90’ single.  George and Nile decided to rework the single for the anniversary of ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1’ and chose it to be the lead single which eventually was serviced to UK radio on 7th September and released along with the album on 20th October 2017.
Copmedia arranged for exclusive Intro plays across the Bauer Group, Quidem Group,  More Radio Group, Gaydio, Celador Group, BBC Local Network, Wireless Group, Nation Broadcasting, Lincs Group and UKRD Group.
Early on, the track received strong support across BBC Radio 2 and therefore facilitated the support coming from UK regional ILR and BBC stations. Due to George Michael’s high caliber and legacy it was a delight to plug his brilliant track to radio and achieving immense results!  

On 27th October 2017 the album charted at #1 on the official UK charts and was still in the Top 10 one month into the release.

By November 2017 ‘Fantasy’ had amassed an incredible 10K plays across UK radio with an audience impact of 155+ Million, whilst having been playlisted across 63 regional stations. An impressive result!

Copmedia placed competitions with supporting key group stations including UKRD group, Lincs group, Nation Broadcasting, Quidem group, Bauer Heat Radio who gave away CD’s, Vinyls and special Box Sets of ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1’.

‘Fantasy’ featuring Nile Rodgers was supported by;

  • Bauer Network
  • BBC Local Network
  • CN Group
  • Gaydio
  • Imagine FM
  • Lincs Group
  • Metro Radio (Bauer)
  • More Radio Group
  • Nation Broadcasting Group
  • The Wireless Group
  • Touch Group
  • UKRD Group
  • Wave 105 (Bauer)

and many more.


Jack Savoretti

From the album ‘Sleep No More’

Label: BMG / Chrysalis Management Rights

After achieving Gold status on his previous album ‘Written In Scars’ – Copmedia was proud to be yet again part of a Jack Savoretti album campaign.
With a mature sound, ‘Sleep No More’ touches on married life as a father of two and the commitment to his wife. Another deeply personal work of art by the singer-songwriter.

The first single ‘When We Were Lovers’ was serviced to regional radio in September 2016. As an established artist it was certainly easier to approach regional radio, especially with the continuous support Jack has been receiving by BBC Radio 2. However, the support at regional radio has also been down to Jack’s appreciation for regional media and Copmedia taking him in to stations multiple times across the country as well as organising ISDN interview sessions.

‘When We Were Lovers’ achieved 5,6K plays with an impact of 105 Million and 61 regional playlists.

4 further singles followed during the campaign:
‘I’m Yours’ – achieved 4,3K plays with an impact of 40.5 Million and 51 regional playlists

‘Only You’ – achieved 3.5K plays with an impact of 75.8 Million and 53 regional playlists.

‘We Are Bound’ – achieved 2.5K plays with an impact of 96 Million and 37 regional playlists.

‘Whiskey Tango’ – achieved 3.1K plays with an impact of 90.5 Million.
(Stats: Dec ’17)

The album ‘Sleep No More’ was released in October 2016 and charted at #6 on the Official UK charts.
In 2017 the album reached Gold status, according to the BPI. The second album by Jack Savoretti to do so - what a fantastic result and honour for Copmedia to be a part of it!

‘Sleep No More’ received regional support during the campaign from likes of;

  • Anglian Group
  • Bauer Network
  • BBC Radio Local Network
  • CN Group
  • Lincs Group
  • Metro Radio (Bauer)
  • Nation Broadcasting Group
  • The Wireless Group
  • Touch Group
  • UKRD Group
  • Wave 105 (Bauer)

and many more.


Martine McCutcheon

‘Say I’m Not Alone’
‘Any Sign Of Life’

Taken from the album ‘Lost and Found’

Label: BMG

After a 17-year hiatus Martine McCutcheon, known for her roles in Love Actually and Eastenders, released her fourth album mid 2017. A massively successful return for the singer/actress who took some time off to deal with an illness.

Regional radio kept Martine in good memory, especially when hearing the fantastic songs co-written with her partner/producer Jack McManus. A change of style made her extremely accessible for BBC Radio 2 which supported her from the beginning of this campaign. This helped us to open the doors at regional radio and achieve solid support.

The album ‘Lost & Found’ featured two main singles – the initial track ‘Say I’m Not Alone’ was serviced to all regional stations in May of 2017. We first started building at smaller regional stations and as the plot was building over the weeks we managed to get the major group stations on board.

‘Say I’m not Alone’ achieved over 2.5K plays with an impact of 125+ Million. (July 2017) The single was playlisted across 95 UK regional radio stations covering major ILR group stations, BBC and smaller stations.

‘Any Sign of Life’ was serviced to regional radio in July 2017 and achieved over 2K plays with an impact of 90+ Million. (September 2017) The single was playlisted across 77 UK regional radio stations covering major ILR group stations, BBC and smaller stations.

Copmedia arranged a great range of promo for Martine such as an ISDN session and national radio tour including major regional groups, BBC’s and ILR’s such as;

  • Anglian Group
  • Bauer Key 103
  • BBC Local Network
  • BBC Radio Bristol
  • BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester
  • BBC Radio Lincolnshire
  • BBC Radio Manchester
  • BBC Radio Merseyside
  • BBC Radio Newcastle
  • BBC Radio Northampton
  • BBC Radio Solent
  • BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex
  • BBC Radio WM
  • BBC Radio Wales
  • Dee/Silk FM
  • Downtown Radio (Northern Ireland)
  • Entertainment News
  • Gaydio
  • Heart Kent
  • Imagine FM
  • Juice Brighton
  • Kingdom FM
  • Lincoln Group
  • Metro Radio (Bauer)
  • More Radio Group
  • Nation Group
  • Radio Plymouth
  • RTE 2
  • Scottish TV
  • Time 107.5 Essex
  • The Bay
  • The Wireless Group
  • Touch Group
  • UKRD Group
  • Wave 102
  • Wave 105 (Bauer)

Copmedia continued working on Martine McCutcheon’s  Campaign.


Martin Jensen

‘Solo Dance’

Label: 3Beat / Universal

After having worked on several singles by Martin Jensen such as ‘All I wanna do’, ‘Solo Dance’ came to us in November 2016.

Copmedia started off with a full service to all stations. However this campaign needed a lot of plugging and it took a good four months to reach priority groups support, across regional radio for ‘Solo Dance’.

Still building up at radio, in February the track had achieved around 700 total plays but by May an astonishing 43K plays across UK radio, with an impact of over 420 Million with over a 100 playlists across regional radio.

‘Solo Dance’ reached, #7 on the official UK single charts, #1 on the UK Dance charts and achieved over 1.6 million daily streams on Spotify at its peak.

Regional supporters included:

  • Anglian Radio Group
  • Bauer BCN 1 / FM network
  • The Bay
  • BFBS / British Forces
  • The Breeze
  • CN Radio Group
  • Free Radio
  • Gaydio
  • Imagine FM
  • Juice Brighton
  • KMfm Group
  • Lincs Radio Group
  • More Radio Group
  • Nation Broadcasting
  • Quidem Group
  • The Revolution
  • UKRD Group
  • Wave 105
  • Wireless Group


‘Scared of the dark’

‘Story of a heart’

‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’

Album ‘Tears On The Dancefloor’

Label: Absolute / Steps Music LLP

Copmedia couldn’t have been more honored when we were taken aboard to work on one of the biggest UK comebacks in years! In celebration of their 20th anniversary STEPS decided to come together for a special release, dedicated to their fans!

On the 6th March 2017 Copmedia announced to regional radio that the band would release their new album ‘Tears On The Dancefloor’ on 21st April topped off with a UK wide arena tour later the same year.
On the day of the announcement, Copmedia successfully arranged phone interviews with several breakfast shows with the entire band (Bauer/Wave 105, Gaydio, UKRD, Imagine, Lincs Group, Anglian Group, Wireless Group).
The first single ‘Scared of the dark’ had its first play on 9th March and the reactions were overwhelming across the whole of UK radio.

Straight added to A list on BBC Radio 2 (including Track of the week), Regional radio showed almost immediate support for this exciting comeback.

Supporters included; Anglian group, Wave 105, Lincs group, UKRD group, High Peak, KVH, Manx Radio, Ashbourne FM, ACR, SFM, Lakeland Radio, The Bay, Nevis Radio, Sunny Govan Radio, Time 107.5, Wire Radio, Camglen Radio and many more.

By November of 2017 the track had reached an impressive 12K plays with an impact of 145 Million with playlists across 72 regional stations!

The follow-up single ‘Story Of A Heart’ was written by ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus – a guaranteed hit!

The first play went out across BBC Radio 2 on 20th April and again regional radio followed up with an overwhelming amount of support. Within a month the track had amassed over 400 plays with an impact of 20 Million! By November 2017 the single achieved 5K plays with an impact of 140 Million.

Copmedia arranged a wide ranging ISDN session including all major regional groups, BBC’s and ILR’s;

  • Anglian Group
  • BBC Radio Manchester
  • BBC Radio Merseyside
  • BBC Radio Newcastle
  • BBC Radio Northampton
  • BBC Radio WM
  • BBC Radio Wales
  • Dee/Silk FM
  • Entertainment News
  • Gaydio
  • Juice Brighton
  • Kingdom FM
  • Nation Group
  • RTE 2
  • Wave 102

The third single ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’ was serviced to UK regional radio on 20th September 2017 and within two months achieved 3,500 plays with an impact of 54 Million.

On 28th April the album ‘Tears On The Dancefloor’ charted #2 on the official UK charts and #1 on the UK Independent Albums Chart – a fantastic result! The album achieved Gold status by November 2017.





‘Long Time’

Album ‘Pollinator’

Label BMG Rights Management / UK

Back with their 11th studio album ‘Pollinator’, Copmedia was ecstatic to be a part of the campaign for the legendary Blondie.

The first single ‘Fun’ was introduced to regional radio and straight added to BBC Radio 2 as ROTW.

Additionally, there was a lot of press coverage around the return of Blondie across all media outlets. This gave us a big push at regional radio and it didn’t take much convincing to add Blondie across their stations.

We arranged an ISDN session with very limited slots and as expected regional stations were keen which is why we had to arrange an additional session.

Amongst these stations were; Anglian Radio group, The Bay, BBC Radio Wales, Breeze Network, Lincs group, Wave 105 (Bauer station), Entertainment News, BBC local network show, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Devon, Gaydio, UKRD, BBC Radio Scotland and Nation Radio.

By its release ‘Fun’ achieved over 3000 plays with an impact of over 130 Million and added across 43 regional playlists.

The second single ‘Long Time’, which was a smooth reminder of ‘Glass of Heart’. The track was yet again added straight to A list on BBC Radio 2.

By its release in mid May the track achieved over 2000 plays with an impact of over 66 Million across UK radio and 46 playlists across regional stations.

The album ‘Pollinator’ achieved an incredible result by charting at #4 on the official UK charts.

The Campaign continues through 2017.



Sigma ft. Birdy

‘Find Me’

3Beat/ Universal

After a successful album campaign for ‘Life’, Copmedia was yet again on board for the new Sigma campaign which launched with the UK Top 40 hit ‘Find Me’ featuring the elusive vocals of none other than accomplished singer-songwriter Birdy. Like all Sigma singles, we had a feeling that this unique collaboration would achieve a strong result at UK radio. And yet again, we would be proven right…

The track was serviced to all UK radio stations in the first week of November 2016.

On a national level the reactions kicked off immediately where ‘Find Me’ was added straight to Kiss FM, Capital FM as well as BBC Radio 1 Track Of The Day. Within the first 3 days the music video, which features rising hollywood child actress Millie Bobby Brown, achieved an impressive 1.5 million YouTube views and charted at #14 iTunes UK. At regional radio we were seeing heavy dance specialist & network plays during the first week of servicing. This was followed up by instant support across all major groups and stations.

Within less than a month, tracking confirmed UK radio support at over 8K plays and an average of a 70 Million audience impact with weekly plays at around 3K rising. ‘Find Me’ was playlisted at 104 stations across UK regional radio.

Among regional supporters were;


  • Anglian Radio Group
  • Bauer The Hits & BCN3 DAB network
  • Bauer BCN 1 / FM network
  • BFBS / British Forces
  • CN Radio Group
  • Free Radio
  • Gaydio
  • Global
  • KMfm Group
  • Lincs Radio Group
  • Nation Broadcasting


Copmedia continued to work on future Sigma releases off their second album, released in 2017.


Melanie C

‘Numb’ ft Sons of Sonix


Red Girl Records Ltd.
Absolute via Universal (UK)

To start off the long awaited return of Melanie C, Copmedia was honored to introduce the track ‘Numb’ featuring Sons of Sonix. The current and hot producer duo collaborated on this distinctive dance track which promised a new chapter for Melanie C. The seventh studio album of Melanie C ‘Version Of Me’ was announced as a highly personal collection of songs with Melanie completely in control of the creative process and consciously taking it into a new direction. ‘Numb’ was serviced across specialist stations in early August 2016 and achieved playlist across 27 stations. A successful start to the campaign indeed!

The first official single ‘Anymore’ was serviced to radio in early September and shortly after added to BBC Radio 2 straight to A List. Consequently the electro-pop hit was added to all major groups across regional radio as well as specialist stations.

Copmedia arranged a UK wide radio tour as well as ISDN sessions covering all major regional radio groups and stations.

Among avid supporters were;


Wireless Group

  • Anglian Group
  • Bauer Network
  • BBC Local Network
  • BFBS / British Forces
  • Celador Group
  • CN Group
  • Gaydio
  • Lincs Group
  • More Group
  • Nation Broadcasting
  • Quidem Group
  • UKRD Group


By the end of November ’16 the track had reached an impressive 8K+ plays with an impact of over 110 Million. ‘Anymore’ was playlisted at 89 stations across UK regional radio.

The album ‘Version Of Me’ was released on 21st October and charted at 25 on the official UK charts which became Mel's first Top 40 album in 11 years.

Copmedia continued to work on further single releases off the successful album.


Kungs Vs. Cookin’ on 3 Burners

"This Girl"

3 Beat / Universal

Copmedia were delighted about working with the young and promising DJ/Producer Kungs from France. The 19 year old talent had already been making waves with his remixes all around the world.

‘This Girl’ was a unique collaboration between Kungs and retro soul band Cookin’ on 3 Burners, with Kylie Auldist as the featured vocal.

When we took the campaign on, the track ‘This Girl’ was already a hit in Europe and Australia:

Australia Top 200
#1 Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl

Germany Top 200
#1 Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl

France Top 200
#1 Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl

Although a hit in many parts of the world – the track was barely known in the UK. Therefore we started to service our dance and specialist stations. We continuously plugged it to them and convincing one after the other to add it. With persistence Copmedia managed to steadily build the track up around our major group stations too and after 3 months of plugging ‘This Girl’, we had a hit with some impressive figures! By its impact week the track was #2 on the official UK charts, had generated over 16K plays and an impact of more than 160 Million across radio! Across regional radio ‘This Girl’ was added to literally every commercial radio station in the UK!

By the impact date of the campaign ‘This Girl’ had reached over 46K plays with 5K plays a week and a total impact of more than 416 Million across UK radio and at the time of writing, is still a massive UK Sales chart and Radio hit!

UK Top 40
#2 Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl

Wordwide Top 200
#7 Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl

UK Future Hits
#5 Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl

UK Dance
#3 Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl


Sigma ft. Take That


3 Beat / Universal

Once again Copmedia were involved in another hit by Sigma, that took UK radio by storm!

This time Sigma had collaborated with the legends of Take That – therefore we had a feeling that this could be a biggie!

Firstly, Copmedia had secured Breakfast show plays for the UK Radio service day across every major group stations.

Within hours of servicing to all our group and specialist stations, the track rose to #5 on the iTunes charts.

In the space of one week ‘Cry’ amassed 104 playlist positions amongst regional radio!

By the impact date of the campaign, the track was still on 149 playlists and was played around 4,000 a week, across UK regional radio!

A current total of over 30,000 plays at UK radio, with audience impacts of more than 290 Million, were reached two months into the campaign!

#1 on the Official Top 20 Trending Chart
#7 on the UK Airplay Charts
#21 on the official UK Charts Top 100.


Turin Brakes

‘Keep Me Around’

Cooking Vinyl

Copmedia was brought on board in 2015 to work on yet another exciting project. Turin Brakes had announced their return with the seventh studio album ‘Lost Property’ which was extremely well received.

Along with preparing promo for their massive tour, Copmedia’s focused targets were its priority stations, as well as the BBC Network stations, smaller independent and university stations. The addition to BBC Radio 2’s A-List gave the first single ‘Keep Me Around’ a massive push all across UK regional radio.

The track received major of support from key stations such as; Bauer group station across Wave 105 (Hampshire), Metro FM (Newcastle), TFM (Teesside / Middlesbrough), Celador Radio across their 15 station Breeze network (South & South West of England) BFBS – Britsish Forces radio (DAB across the UK) Lincs group – Hits network & Compass FM Anglian Radio group across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk. CN group – The Bay, Lakeland Radio

BBC Local support across... BBC Radio Wales,  BBC Radio Humberside , BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio Kent, BBC London,  BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Sussex, BBC Radio Manchester,  BBC Radio Cumbria,  BBC Somerset, BBC Radio Bristol,  BBC Surrey,  BBC nan Gaidheal

The campaign also achieved support / adds on many midsize ILRs;
Channel 103 FM, Original 106 FM (Aberdeen), Manx Radio FM,Radio Plymouth 106.7,Dee FM, Time 107.5 (Essex), 107.0 Oak FM (Loughborough),Central FM Island FM, Silk 106.9, UK Undiscovered, Coast 1079, Cambridge 105, Sunshine Radio, Wirral Radio, Imagine FM, Future Radio, SFM (Sittingbourne), Nevis Radio Radio Verulam, 107.9 Oak FM (Hinckley), TD1 Radio, WCR fm 101.8, RockSport Radio, Sunny Govan Radio (Glasgow), Waves Radio Peterhead, Forest FM, Scotland 69am Your Radio, Radio Tyneside, Radio Warwick, TCR FM, Insight Radio from RNIB, Brooklands Radio, Sine FM, Cuillin FM, Vibe 107.6 (Watford), Express 93.7 FM, Isles FM Point FM, Juice 107.2 (Brighton), Big City Radio, ICR FM (105.7), Bay FM (Exmouth), Bishop FM, Oban FM, Phoenix FM, Radio Tircoed, Roundhouse Radio, Scratch Radio (Birmingham)

For 2016 Copmedia arranged numerous promotional opportunities for the band on their 22 dates tour such as interviews + acoustic sessions at stations such as BBC Radio Gloucester, The Breeze in Southampton, BBC Three Counties (Beds, Herts & Bucks), Anglian Radio Group in Ipswich, Pure Fm in Stockport, BBC Manchester and various others.

Up to February 2016 ‘Keep Me Around’ was played more than 2’000 times across UK radio with an impact of over 83 Million.

In the course of 2016 Copmedia also worked on ’Turin Brakes’ second single ‘Save You’ of the Top 40 charted album ‘Lost Property’.



‘Everything At Once’/Album

‘Everything At Once’
‘3 Miles High’
‘Magnificent Time’

Caroline International/Red Telephone Box LLP

Only 3 years after having worked on the campaign for their seventh album ‘Where You Stand’, Copmedia was delighted to be yet again part of a hugely successful project involving Travis. ‘Everything At Once’ was released in April 2016 and charted at #1 on the Alternative iTunes Charts, #9 on the iTunes Main Music Chart and reaching an impressive #5 on the Official UK Charts! On top of that the album contained three Hit singles with ‘Everything At Once’, ‘3 Miles High’ and ‘Magnificent Time’.

The set up record ‘Everything At Once’, released in November 2015 was serviced to all our station contacts to give them a taste of the new album. Since Travis is a big name in the UK the regional stations were hooked right away and excited for the new album!

The first single ‘3 Miles High’ was well received by our major group stations as well as specialist ones. The track generated around 900 plays a week and by its release in February 2016 had surpassed 6000 plays across UK radio with an impact of over 170 Million.

Among ILR stations which supported ‘3 Miles High’:


  • Bauer Group Network
  • The Breeze Grouli
  • Lincs Grouli
  • Nation Broadcasting
  • Touch Radio Grouli
  • Radio Yorkshire
  • CN Grouli
  • Dee FM
  • Lakeland Radio
  • Swansea Sound
  • Manx Radio FM


and many more...

BBC Radio Stations which supported ‘3 Miles High’:


  • BBC Radio London 94.9
  • BBC Radio Shropshire
  • BBC Radio Ulster
  • BBC Radio Scotland
  • BBC Radio Wales
  • BBC Radio Newcastle
  • BBC Radio Leeds
  • BBC Radio Lincolnshire
  • BBC Radio Sussex
  • BBC Radio Wiltshire
  • BBC Tees
  • BBC Hereford & Worcester
  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire


The second release off the album was ‘Magnificent Time’ which received even more plays from our station contacts! Released in May 2016, the single generated on average a 1000 plays per week and by its release had been played over 7,700 times with an impact of 135 Million. An excellent result indeed!

Main ILR support came from:


  • The Breeze Group
  • Lincs Group
  • UKRD Group
  • Bauer Group Network
  • Anglian Radio Group
  • BFBS (British Forces)
  • CN Group
  • Nation Broadcasting


and many more...

BBC Radio Stations supported


  • STV (Scottish TV)
  • BBC Radio Scotland
  • Bauer BC2 Network
  • Wave 102
  • Sunny Govan Radio
  • Scotland 69AM
  • Nevis Radio
  • Oban FM
  • Your Radio
  • Lincs FM
  • BBC Radio Stoke
  • Signal Radio/The Wireless Group
  • BBC Radio Nottingham
  • Eagle Radio
  • Wave 105
  • The Breeze Group
  • BBC Radio Solent
  • Swansea Sound 2
  • Nation Broadcasting
  • BBC Radio Wales
  • Touch Group
  • BBC WM
  • BBC Radio Cambridge
  • Anglian Radio Group
  • BBC Radio Suffolk


Copmedia went on to work on forthcoming single releases off the Hit album ‘Everything At Once’ in the course of the campaign including the third single ‘Animals’ which was set for release in July of 2016.


Sigma + Rita Ora

‘Coming Home’


Descriptive paragraphs about the campaign aims, results, achievements etc: Copmedia was involved in yet another successful campaign for Sigma. After hits such as Glitterball (feat. Ella Henderson), Redemption (Diztortion, feat. Jacob Banks), Changing (feat. Paloma Faith), Higher (feat. Labrinth) and Nobody to Love Sigma have collaborated with no other than Rita Ora on their track Coming Home.

No longer a stranger to regional radio Sigma + Rita Ora’s Coming Home were added across all regional stations making this one of their most successful tracks to date. It was reported that all in all Sigma have sold 1 Million singles each in 2014 and 2015!
Our targets included our priority contacts but also smaller regional & student stations which all picked up on the track immediately. In the early days, plays would double each week and stay strong at around 4000 plays a week to date (Jan. 2016).

Key network groups that have added the track are; The Bauer Group (x14 stations), The Breeze (x15 stations), Anglian Radio Group, Town & Country Group, UKRD Group, UTV Group, Orion Media Group, Free Radio (Birmingham), Wave 105 (Hampshire), Clyde 1 (Bauer Group), KM-FM, Hallam FM, The Bay (Lancs & Cumbria), etc. – and was added to more than 140 playlists and has reached an impact of 332 Million up to date!

Another greatly successful regional radio campaign for Copmedia!

Copmedia also worked on Sigma’s consequent single Stay which had its first play in January 2016 and within a month already achieved an impact of over 23Million with over 2800 plays.


Philip George

‘Alone No More’


Copmedia was proud to work on yet another ‘floor filler’ by hit maker Philip George. This time in collaboration with Anton Powers he created an epic sounding track with ‘Alone No More’.

The main targets for that campaign were to place the track among the major UK regional group networks as well as smaller dance & specialist stations.

‘Alone No More’ received great support across the Bauer BCN 1 FM network, Bauer The Hits and DAB network BCN 3 + group stations Wave 105 (Hampshire, I.O.W, Dorset), Cool FM (Belfast), KM-FM Group, Anglian Radio Group, Celador Group, Lincs Group, Town& Country Group and UKRD Group, Orion Network and UTV network + group station Juice Liverpool.

The Single also received heavy support across midsize ILR’s with notable plays from Ministry of Sound Radio, Vibe FM, Juice Brighton, Imagine FM, The Bay, etc.

We were also pleased to see numerous plays from dance focused stations such as Gaydio, MoS Radio and This is Electric. At specialist level Anton’s recent guest mix was well received and taken by key shows/stations.

The track was added to a total of 91 playlists during the highly successful campaign led by Copmedia. Up to date (February 2016) ‘Alone No More’ was played more than 53K times across UK radio with an incredible impact of over 600Million, still receiving over 1’000 plays a week.

In February 2016 Copmedia started working on the newest track by Philip George & Dragonette ‘Feel This Way’ which had achieved an impact of over 1,7Million in less than a week!

What a great start to another great campaign!


Pet Shop Boys


‘Inner Sanctum’
‘The Pop Kids’

X2 Recordings Ltd / Kobalt Label Services


Copmedia was part of the campaign of the highly anticipated new Pet Shop Boys album ‘Super’. Their 13th studio album, co-produced by Stuart Price, was released on April 1st 2016.

The return of the power duo was announced with four show dates at the Royal Opera in July 2016 which instantly sold out.

The Instant Grat track ‘Inner Sanctum’ was released on January 21st as an introduction single. Overall it was played 190 times and an impact of over 11,500 across UK radio with regional support from;

BBC Radio Wales, Gaydio (Manchester), Gaydio (DAB), LCR, Brooklands Radio, MKFM, BCfm (Bristol Community FM), Radio Caroline, This Is Electric, Bay FM (Exmouth), BRFM 95.6 FM (Kent), Future Radio, Phonic FM 106.8, Sheffield Live, Warminster Community Radio, Buchan Community Radio, Burn FM, NE1fm, Peterborough Community Radio, Radio Sunlight, Radio Verulam, Soho Radio, Sunny Govan Radio (Glasgow 103.5), UK Undiscovered

The first single off the album ‘The Pop Kids’, a classic Pet Shop Boys anthem which evokes the London club scene of the early 90s, was released on March 18th and received a great amount of plays from Copmedia’s group networks as well as specialist stations;


  • The Breeze Network
  • Virgin Radio – DAB UK for station launch playlist 30th March
  • Celador group – added to main daytime list across this 15 station network covering the south and south west of England.
  • Lincs group – across Hits and Compass group stations + album of the week
  • Anglian Radio group – across Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk.
  • Gaydio – London, Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Cambridge.
  • The Local Radio Network / Nation Radio – network plays across south and west Wales
  • (Bauer) Wave 105 – Hampshire, Dorset, I.O.W, Sussex.
  • Bauer AM network spot plays 13th / 20th March, 3rd 10th April via Tony Blackburn show
  • CN group – added to The Bay & Lakeland stations for Lancaster, Morecambe, Kendal.
  • KMfm – retro countdown network spot play across 8 Kent stations
  • Essex Radio group – featured as ROTW on network show/+ support across smaller / midsize ILR’s


The campaign ended with over 3,500 plays and an impact of 101.5 Million. ‘The Pop Kids’ was still receiving over 400 plays a week by the end of April 2016.

Copmedia organised an ISDN session for the duo on April 1st with 2 hours of interviews across UK regional with the likes of Anglian Radio Group, Gaydio, Lincs Group, Nation Broadcasting, the Breeze network, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Manchester.

Copmedia continued to work on further single releases from the album ‘Super’ such as ‘Twenty-Something’.



‘To my surprise’
‘Nothing but love’
‘Girl at the end of the world’

Girl At The End Of The World/Album

After having worked on James’ last album ‘La petit mort’ in 2014 Copmedia was happy to work yet on another highly successful campaign. Their 14th studio album ‘Girl at the end of the world’ was released on March

18th which reached #2 on the UK Album Charts in its release week.

The first single off the album ‘To my surprise’ was mostly directed at specialist stations which helped raise awareness for the album campaign. The feedback among our major station contacts was positive and they were happy to support following singles which would be less specialist. The track received regional airplay from the likes of Radio Yorkshire, The Revolution (Oldham), Lakeland Radio, Metro Radio, TFM Radio, Imagine FM, Amazing Radio, Sunny Govan Radio, Future Radio and more ILR’s.

BBC Stations Support: BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC nan Gaidheal,

By the end of January 2016 the single achieved 386 plays with an audience impact of over 11 Million.

The second single ‘Nothing but love’ was set for release on March 18th. There was a good amount of support on this release especially when it was added to BBC Radio 2’s B List. Copmedia’s major groups all agreed on it being a great single.

Support came from: The Breeze Group, Lincs Group, Anglian Radio Group, Wave 105 (Bauer), Eagle 3 (UKRD), The Bay (Lanc.), Lakeland Radio, Yorkshire Radio, The Revolution (Oldham) , and more smaller ILR’s.

BBC Radio Stations which showed their support were; BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Humberside


Jack Savoretti

The Other Side Of Love’
‘Written In Scars’
‘Back Where I Belong’

BMG / Chrysalis Management Right

From the very beginning Copmedia was involved in the success story that is Jack Savoretti and his latest album ‘Written In Scars’!

After working on the first singles ‘Tie Me Down’ and ‘Home’ dating back to 2014, Copmedia continued its work on 4 singles that were to follow. Ahead of working on ‘The Other Side Of Love’ Copmedia took Jack on an extensive radio tour in to numerous major group stations. It was our goal to introduce him to our key station contacts so they could witness Jack’s incredible talents right there and then in the studio.

‘The Other Side Of Love’ achieved a good amount of support among UK regional radio. In the week of the release in April 2015 the track was on 130 playlists including the BBC Local Network, Anglian Radio Group, The Breeze Group, UKRD Group, Lincs Group, Town & Country Group, Media Sound Holding and the Free Radio Group.
The campaign ended with an impressive audience impact of over 88 Million and over 2500 plays.

The consequent single ‘Written in Scars’ achieved even better results. Reaching out to an audience of over 127 Million with over 3700 plays Copmedia targeted their usual priority stations. By its release date in July 2015 ‘Written in Scars’ was on over 100 playlists with support from stations such as the Breeze Group, Town & Country Group, The BBC Local Network, Anglian Radio Group, Media Sound Holdings, CN Group and the Quidem Midlands Group.

With ‘Back Where I Belong’ Jack followed up with a smashing summer hit which had its first play in August 2015. We saw continuous plays and support even weeks past the release date by stations such as the Bauer Network 2, Breeze Group, Town & Country Group, CN Group, Quidem Midlands Group and the BBC Local Network. There was also strong support from several independent stations such as Downtown Radio, Nation Radio, The Bay, Kingdom FM, The Revolution (Oldham), etc. throughout the campaign.

A total of over 8300 plays with an impact of more than 143 Million up to February 2016 across UK radio made this campaign a true success for Jack Savoretti and Copmedia! With over 100 playlists we were across commercial radio and the BBC Radio Network which helped moving towards the next single.

The fourth single of 2015 was the power ballad ‘Catapult’. That campaign was marked by a big TV appearance on the Graham Norton Show which gave the single and album a huge push and catapulted the album ‘Written in Scars’ back in to the Top 10 charts and increased its sales to over 100K. A massive accomplishment after the album had been in the charts for over 48 weeks! Up to February 2016 ‘Catapult’ had reached an audience of over 67 Million with over 5’000 plays. Big support came from stations such as The Breeze

Group, Lincs Group, The Bauer Network 2, Anglian Radio Group, as well as independent ones like Coast 1079, High Peak Radio, The Beach, Wave 102, etc.

Copmedia continued to work on Jack Savoretti at UK Regional Radio with future releases and promotion in 2016.


All Saints

'One Strike'
'This Is A War'
Red Flag/Album
London Recordings / Universal

Copmedia was proud to be a part of the biggest comeback of 2016! 10 years after releasing their last album All Saints have once again joined forces to create a soulful and honest record. ‘Red Flag’ was produced by renowned names such as The Invisible Men, K-Gee, Draper and many more which guaranteed a hit filled comeback album! ‘Red Flag’ was released on April 8th 2016.

The first single off the album ‘One Strike’ was set for release on 23rd February. The band appeared on the BBC 2 Chris Evans show where they gave an incredible performance of their hits and the new single, which gave the comeback a great push. The album reached #3 in the UK official charts, which was a huge success for the campaign.

Without a surprise the single was picked up instantly by priority group stations across UK regional radio.

Overall ‘One Strike’ received support from stations such as;


  • Celador Radio – A list add across their Breeze group network of 15 stations covering the south and south west of England.
  • Nation Broadcasting & The Local Radio network – ‘A’ list across the south, west and mid Wales network, including main station Bridge FM for Cardiff.
  • Gaydio Radio – A list, DAB across London, Brighton, Glasgow, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Cambridge + FM in Manchester.
  • Wireless Radio group – added to group daytime list / B list
  • UKRD group – added to main group playlist / C list
  • Bauer – added to groups evening playlist across FM network, Wave 105 (Hampshire, Dorset, I.O.W) and Cool FM (Belfast).
  • Anglian Radio group – across Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex / B list on group.
  • Orion Media – across their Free Radio network covering Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Worcestershire / C list
  • Lincs group – B list add to their Hits network list + A list on Compass
  • BFBS (British Forces) – A list add to main playlist – broadcast DAB across UK
  • Touch Radio group – midlands network playlist –ROTW.
  • CN group – on The Bay & Lakeland, covering Morecambe, Kendal, Lancaster + a host of smaller / midsize stations.


Promo Copmedia arranged an ISDN session for the band with 24 interviews and album competitions covering UK regional radio stations.

The campaign ended with an impressive 6,853 plays and an overall audience impact of over 95 million.

The track continued to receive over 1,200 plays a week even weeks a past the release date.

Copmedia continued to work on further releases off the album ‘Red Flag’ such as the second single ‘This Is A War’


Sigma Featuring Paloma Faith - “Changing”

3 Beat / AATW / Universal

Following the success of Sigma’s first chart and airplay topping single “Nobody To Love” NUMBER 1 on the OCC sales chart and Radio Monitor Airplay chart; in the summer of 2014 they returned with us, to do it all over again!

This time featuring the perfect and amazing vocals of Paloma Faith, with “Changing”.

However, as we all knew from the first single, D&B is never the first choice for regional radio playlists, so we once again approached this as a pop record, including advising the label on an alternative “softer Radio 2” regional radio mix, to make it work better for certain parts of regional radio.

This time around we already had the past single success that had introduced Sigma to regional radio, as a cross over artist but as always at radio, they are judged on a single by single basis. After weeks of setting this single up at specialist radio, we then went and secured some high profile “upfront plays” with the likes of Bauer and UTV groups. We very quickly then obtained major playlist support across all regional commercial radio, resulting with A & B daytime list support including: Bauer Group (Daytime) + Bauer evening network Indemand show, Capital Group, Lincs Hits Group, Media Holdings Group, Wave 105, UKRD Group, Town & Country Group, UTV Group, KMFM Group, Fire FM, Juice Liverpool, MOS Radio, Cool FM, Imagine FM, Wave 102, The Bay, Gaydio, etc- in fact over 150+ regional radio station playlists, not bad for another D&B record at regional radio!

We are now building Sigma into an album artist and crossing them over to been seen as such, now with live events with regional radio, towards more singles and an album for next year.

Achieved number 57 most played track on UK Radio for 2014, with nearly 40,000 plays (serviced to radio in August/ September 2014), resulting in 541.7 Million audience Impacts.


Phillip George-“Wish You Were Mine”

3 Beat

At Copmedia, when it comes to dance acts, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best to Regional Radio. When 3Beat came to us with their new signing, DJ Philip George, we knew we could be onto a massive chart and radio hit. Although we are always aware from our experience that dance / club releases are not always the most popular at regional radio.

Philip George is indeed the latest talent in dance drum and bass. A young lad from Nottingham, inspired by the music that the clubs in Ibiza were playing; he came back and wanted to put his mark on this. So ‘Wish You Were Here’ was his foray into mixing his own sound. The track cleverly used a familiar vocal from Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amour – and combined it with Philip’s house bassline and melodies and the record suddenly started growing a life of its own.

So having accrued half a million plays on Sound Cloud and averaging around 10,000 plays a day, it was getting more popular as the weeks went by- enter Copmedia, to bring it now to the whole country via their local radio stations!

It was a December campaign, leading into and out of Christmas 2014, a very competitive and restricted time at radio, so we had to move fast, before playlist closed down for new additions for the festive period.

Our targeting started with the priority dance and upfront areas: Ministry Of Sound Radio, The Hits (Bauer UK/DAB), Gaydio, UTV Group’s Evening Show ‘Total Access’, Bauer network Friday plays via their Floorfillers Show, Juice Liverpool, KMFM ‘Hits’ Network in Kent, Celador’s Bournemouth station Fire FM and UKRD’s Eagle3 in Guildford.

By the 3rd week at plugging, we had acquired 74 playlists in just over 7 days with 1179 plays and with an audience impact of 25.38million - so it was starting to look like we had a hit but as we know, you can leave nothing to chance.

So we continued to try growing this dance record into a crossover radio pop / party hit, for the festive period across into mainstream daytime commercial radio.

First to come on board was Bauer’s FM Group ‘In Demand’ show around their Big City Northern Network, and then managed to achieve the Bauer Network Daytime Playlist. Other daytime playlists followed fast including: Lincs Group, Cool Fm (Bauer), Capital Group, Heat Radio (Bauer DAB), The Hits (Bauer DAB), UTV Group, Mansfield FM, BFBS, Nevis Radio, Juice (Brighton), Juice Liverpool, Media Holdings Group, Bridge FM (T&C Group), Imagine FM Stockport, Milton Keynes FM, Scratch FM, Spark FM, Voice FM, Waves Radio, Music Choice Europe, The Bay FM + many more!

With a release date of the 28 Dec 2014, we we’re No:1 on the itunes chart, but came out of Christmas and into 2015 with an incredible No: 2 record and stayed there for over three weeks, with total plays that week of 6777 and a 126 million impacts, beating Kanye West and Paul McCartney, Take That, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Olly Murs. Just Mr. Mark Ronson kept us from the top spot!

Not bad for an Ibiza loving boy from Nottingham!


Milky Chance-“Down By The River” / “Flashed Junked Mind” / “Sadnecessary” (Album).

Ignition / PIAS

To get the call from Ignition Records to work on the Milky Chance single campaign was indeed a privilege and Copmedia jumped at this chance. We came on board as the 2nd single was about to go to radio, and we wanted to put our own mark on this great German duo, who were now starting to conquer the world! They’d already had success at radio in the UK with their first release and their debut album was already in the market place, so it was important for us to maintain this awareness and impetus and widen their appeal and music across the whole of regional radio. To achieve this we needed to cross them over into uncharted territory!

In September 2014, we started promotion on “Down By The River”, the 2nd single from their debut album Sadnecessary. A tenacious approach was needed in securing this at daytime radio, so it would be a case of working the strengths. As part of this “fresh approach” also suggested to Ignition, that we get a more regional radio friendly mix/edit done by Ash Howes.

For their second single, we needed not only to get the “ big regional radio guns’ on board, but we still wanted to start @ ‘ground zero’, So we went straight out to the specialist, student and community stations who immediately supported the single on their playlists including: Scratch Radio (Student/Birmingham), Xpress Radio (Student/Cardiff), Radio XS (Specialist/Chesterfield), Demon FM (Student/Leicester), and URB (Bath). Further playlist adds came from the likes of URN (Student/Nottingham) and Waves Radio (Community/Peterhead).

Our attention was also focused on our priority stations and groups @ regional radio, with Copmedia informing them of all the facts surrounding the duo! Some of the major Groups initially thought their ‘sound’ a little too indie for them on daytime, but with the worldwide exposure and previous single success, and our suggested Ash Howes radio mix on “Down By The River”, were all used to great advantage. One of the largest stations, Bauer’s flagship station Wave 105, playlisted the single “Down By The River” daytime and we also secured Bauer’s Network Evening Show ‘In Demand’ across the entire Big City Network.

Others stations and groups who play listed before impact date included: Anglian Group, Bauer Indemand Group, B.F.B.S, Cool FM, Free Radio Group, Imagine FM, Media Holdings Group, Town & Country Group, UKRD Group, Wave 105 (Bauer), as well as the 18 specialist/student playlists.

We therefore have managed to achieve over 4,000 plays to date. This put us in a great position as we started with single 3, ‘Flashed Junk Mind’. We again secured early plays / lists and interviews, as the guys began their UK sold out tour. The band then headed to the US, where tickets for their 30-date Spring tour sold out within minutes of going on sale. A far cry from last January when Milky Chance played their first UK show to a half-full Barfly in London.
Copmedia continue to help in the worldwide domination that is ‘Milky Chance’.


Fuse ODG - “Antenna”
Fuse ODG Feat Tiffany - “Azonto”
Fuse ODG – “Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad)”
Fuse ODG Feat Sean Paul – “ Dangerous Love”
Fuse ODG Feat Angel - “ T.I.N.A”
Fuse ODG Feat Killbeatz - “Thinking About U”

3 Beat / AATW / Universal


Fuse ODG- a campaign of some great singles from 2013 and then throughout 2014 - “Antenna” chart #7 “Azonto” chart #30 “Million Pound Girl” chart #5 “Dangerous Love” chart #3 “T.I.N.A” chart #9 “Thinking About U” chart tbc - amazingly collectively these tracks have notched up over 73,000 plays across radio – a fantastic feat in this short space of time!

Copmedia begun working on the Fuse ODG campaign in 2013 immediately after he was signed by 3Beat / Universal for the release of ‘Antenna’, by focusing at the start of the campaign and building through specialist plays using the remix packages and targeting dance focused playlists for early adds. It then followed with ‘Million Pound Girl’ attracting key network plays via UTV groups Total Access and Bauer group In Demand shows. Many playlists soon followed from UTV group, T&C group and others. In the lead up to Christmas playlist freeze, we built awareness of the release and the single delivered a Top 15 entry on the OCC sales chart and we were able to maximise on our set up; gaining adds from targets such as Fire Radio, Juice, KMFM, Cool FM, Vibe FM helping push the single to a Top 5 hit!!!!

This has been the theme with the other singles – “Dangerous Love”, “T.I.N.A”- throughout 2014 with Fuse ODG clocking up over 73,000 plays across the singles. After the release of his album and as we head into 2015, “Thinking About U” has already had nearly 1700 plays with commitment from UTV Group, KMFM Group, Bauer FM Network including Heat Radio on DAB + Juice Liverpool, Eagle 3 ( UKRD), SIBC Scotland, BFBS, High Peak, Fire FM and Artist Controlled Radio & Asbourne.

And it is always a bonus when you can offer up to station groups the chance of having an artist like Fuse ODG come along to events such as UTV’s Summer Festival and Bauer’s Jingle Bell Balls. Performing live in front of an audience proves first-hand to the people who we deal with at radio stations, just how important it is to back these great artists with playlisting their tunes.

So the future continues to look even greater for Fuse ODG in 2015

Achieved number 55 most played track on UK radio for 2014, with over 27,000 plays resulting in over 546 Million audience impacts.


Erasure- “ The Violet Flame” / Album + Singles Campaign

Mute Records

Erasure (Vince Clarke & Andy Bell) released their brand new album for 2014, The Violet Flame, with a worldwide tour in autumn. The first radio single Elevation, followed by Reason.

This is the fourth album release that all single and album campaigns at regional radio & Television were worked by Copmedia.

Recorded in New York and London and produced by Richard X, The Violet Flame follows 2013’s critically acclaimed Snow Globe, and is the band’s sixteenth studio album release.

Formed nearly 30 years ago, the award-winning songwriting duo unleashed on the nation a succession of both influential and chart-topping pop anthems of the ‘80s, ‘90s through to today. Songs like A Little Respect, Sometimes, Victim Of Love, & Ship Of Fools, ensured a formidable presence on the singles charts complemented by five consecutive No 1 albums (including The Innocents, Wild! and Chorus) and the beginning of the worldwide Abba revival, ‘Abba-esque’.

Copmedia were employed by Mute Records for the full length of the campaign, spanning over 6 months. Although of course with a legendary band there are many supporters at radio, we also wanted to broaden the airplay, demographic and profile for the band with this very contemporary album and radio singles. To this end we set about doing as much promo and events with the band as possible including: extensive interviews with both Commercial and BBC regional radio. We also ran extensive ticket, meet and greet / album competitions for all of the UK tour dates, as well as selective radio live events. All of this activity not only secured obvious airtime around the events but also secured playlist support for the singles and album including: Bauer Greatest Hits Network, Lincs Group, Breeze Group, Media Holdings Group, numerous BBC Stations, in fact nearly 70 regional playlists. We continue to represent Erasure through to next year.

The Violet Flame was Erasure’s highest charting album for 10 years!


Ashley Roberts

Metropolis Music

Long before Brits fell in love with Ashley Roberts on television (I'm A Celebrity, Dancing On Ice, Saturday Night Takeaway), she had walked away from one of the biggest pop groups in history, The Pussycat Dolls; without anything more than a dream to make music, on her terms, with her words, and her voice.

In early 2014 Copmedia started working with Ashley on promoting her debut solo album “Butterfly Effect” and radio singles “Clockwork” & “Woman Up”.

With an artist that has moved into Television, it was important that we let her music do the talking. We firstly advised the label on the first choice of single “Clockwork” and then had a major part in the finished mix and edit. We embarked on a major “all station & group” radio interview tour across the UK, weeks before impact date, to let everyone get to know the real Ashley, the singer. This included numerous radio event performances with all the major radio groups in the UK including: Bauer, Global, UKRD, Lincs Group, UTV Group, Media Holdings Group, Wave 105, Breeze Group, Free Radio Group, KMFM Group etc.

This Copmedia concise and planned initial set up, working with the label and Ashley, on the choice of the right single and radio mix, enabled us to obtain THE FASTEST AND MOST ADDED SINGLE TO REGIONAL RADIO PLAYLISTS, FOR A DEBUT SINGLE (BEFORE IMPACT DATE) IN THE HISTORY OF COPMEDIA-maybe even ever! We achieved over 140 + playlists across commercial radio before release, BEFORE any national radio support!


Sigma - “Nobody to Love”

3 Beat / AATW / Universal

Following the success of “Rudeboy”, top UK drum and bass duo Sigma came back in early 2014 with a massive new single - “Nobody to Love”. However, as we all know D&B is never the first choice for regional radio playlists- ha ha! - so we approached this as a pop record, including advising the label on a special regional radio edit, to make it work better for regional radio.

As always with such tunes, we started the campaign several weeks in advance, to not only all our specialist shows and stations but also introducing this to the key decision makers at mainstream radio, as we always knew, hoped and planned this would crossover!

Originally created purely for their DJ set, “Nobody To Love” took on a life of its own after other DJs heard it out on the circuit and then started to gain support at Radio 1, Kiss etc. Once those bases were happening and with very strong Shazam and TV activity, we then crossed this over to all daytime regional radio and pushed hard for playlists leading to release and chart.

The single entered at NUMBER 1 on the OCC sales chart and stayed top 5 for over three weeks. We achieved a NUMBER 1 radio airplay chart position, with regional radio playlists including: Bauer Group (Daytime) + Bauer evening network Indemand show, Capital Group, Lincs Hits Group, Media Holdings Group, Wave 105, UKRD Group, Town & Country Group, UTV Group, KMFM Group, Fire FM, Juice Liverpool, MOS Radio, Cool FM, Imagine FM, The Bay, Gaydio, etc- in fact over 100+ regional radio station playlists- not bad for a D&B record at regional radio!

Achieved the 10th most played track on UK radio for 2014 and was the highest placed Independent label airplay entry, with over 79,000 plays achieving over 1 + Billion audience impacts!


Kian Egan: Singles -“Home”/ “I’ll be”. Album –“Home”

Rhino / Warner Music

Having enjoyed unprecedented success as a member of Westlife, one of the world’s most successful bands, Kian Egan signed with Rhino UK of Warner Music and announced the release of his solo album “Home” in the Spring 2014.

With Kian being crowned as King of The Jungle in 2013’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and then going on to work in other TV projects such as The Voice of Ireland, This Morning and Daybreak, Copmedia knew that we had to remind regional radio and fans alike, what a terrific all-round performer Kian is, by playing all the old loved songs, in addition to the important new album and singles.

With our experience with returning legends, we knew that even with Westlife’s past success and Kian’s recent and current hi profile TV career, we could not take anything for granted and would need to establish him back as a new solo artist.

To this end we did a major regional radio interview tour, as well as many regional radio live events and many meet and greets, with both radio people and their audience as well as his fan base at radio. This not only reminded radio how popular he still is but also reconnected them and Kian with his fan base at radio. All of this activity centered around single playlist support and album features/ comps.

“Home” / Album went on to reach no.2 in Ireland and top 10 in the UK, whilst we also went on to obtain over 100 regional playlists with notable radio support including: UKRD Group, BBC Local network, Town & Country Group, Media Sound Holdings Group, Lincs Group, Orion Media / Free Radio Group, Breeze Group- to name a few!



Red Telephone Box / Kobalt

‘Everything At Once’/Album

‘Everything At Once’
‘3 Miles High’
‘Magnificent Time’

Travis, one of the UK’s best known bands, returned after a five year hiatus with their seventh album ‘Where You Stand’, on their own relaunched label Red Telephone Box via Kobalt Label Services.

As with all returns, Copmedia knew that we had to remind regional radio and fans alike what an amazing band Travis are and the many hits they have had. Hits that regional radio had played and their audiences had loved, in addition to the important new album and singles.

We did this by a series of personnel up close gigs with radio groups for their invited listeners, in venues and with stations from Scotland to the Eden Project dome in the West Country. These were successful not only as a terrific “one off” special gig in their own right for radio to get behind and promote heavily; thus leading with the three singles from this new album but also for radio to see the amazing audience reaction and take up on tickets, which helped cement this new reignited relationship with airplay and chart success.

We secured over 80 playlists on each of the singles and this airplay contributed to a top 3 chart entry for the new album.

A comprehensive radio tour and ISDN interview sessions also played an important part within the whole campaign.


Caro Emerald / Dramatico / Grandmomno:

“Tangled Up” / 'Liquid Lunch' (singles) + additional singles for 2013 / + ‘THE SHOCKING MISS EMERALD’ / Number 1 Album.

Copmedia started working with Caro right at the start of her amazing UK career in 2010, with her debut platinum UK selling album “Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor” (see campaign below).

With over a year and a half between albums, it was important we brought her back strongly for that “difficult 2nd album” and left nothing to chance. Right from the start, that is what we did, securing single playlist and airplay early support for the first single “Tangled Up” across regional radio.

We achieved a top 15 airplay position and achieved over 100 playlists on the first single “Tangled Up”. We reignited support across all applicable music style UK radio groups including: Smooth UK, BBC Local network, Bauer Greatest Hits Network Scotland, Media Holdings Group, Town & Country Group, UKRD Group, Lincs Group, Breeze Group etc.

The media campaign on this first single, enabled her debut album “Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor” to re-enter the top 10 charts 2 years after release and her 2nd album “The Shocking Miss Emerald” to debut week of release at NUMBER 1 on the OCC UK album charts, and at time of print, this has already achieved Gold sales status.

With her album ‘The Shocking Miss Emerald’ still top 10 after over three weeks in the UK charts, we then proceeded to work her 2nd single from that said hit album ‘Liquid Lunch’, a fun and witty pop tune, delivered in Caro’s distinctively sassy retro style and now have managed to switch all airplay from “Tangled Up” to “Liquid Lunch”, so securing her once again a top 20 airplay release across regional Radio.

Having sold out her March 2013 UK tour, we did extensive interviews and album / ticket comps across regional stations, which built upon and extended all the airplay we achieved on “Tangled Up” single, as well as increase her profile across regional radio and TV.

Caro recently announced a 14 date September 2013 tour, which is already sold out and we continue to represent her through 2013 with additional tour and single promotions- nothing shocking about that! @caroemerald


Blue / Blue World UK / Absolute / Universal:

“Hurt Lovers” / Break My Heart” / singles & “Roulette” / Album

Blue are one of the most successful British acts of the last decade. The band have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, with all three of the band’s previous studio albums having reached the#1 slot. Blue have also toured virtually every country in the world and performed live with the likes of Sir Elton John and Stevie Wonder.

They in fact never split up and always stayed in touch with each other, while they did their own projects in music and theatre.

However, promoting in 2013 one of the biggest boy bands of the 90’s return, after having a “break” from the industry for 13 years, was never going to be a walk in the park, even if it did include a “Big Reunion”!

They did come back and where warmly received in 2011 for the Eurovision, that showed the great UK public had not forgotten them and still had a place in the hearts of the nation but we had to convince UK regional media!

With the first single “Hurt Lovers” it was all going to be about getting the boys out to meet regional radio again for interviews, tours and radio events (we have done loads of all of these, including booking them on to perform at the Sony and Bauer Awards!) to get regional radio to remember why they are so great and also to do public events with radio, to show them how they are still very much loved by radio’s audience- it worked!

We achieved a top 15 airplay position and achieved over 130 playlists on the first single “Hurt Lovers”, across the regional radio landscape, which is very different to what it was when the boys were last in town!

Playlist support included: Heart Network, Free Radio Network, BBC Local network, Bauer Greatest Hits Network Scotland, Media Holdings Group, Town & Country Group, UKRD Group, Lincs Group, Breeze Group, Tindle Group, UTV Group plus many, many more.

The radio success of this first single enabled the album “Roulette” to enter the OCC album charts at number 13 and we continue to work with the band for the rest of 2013, with future singles and re album promotions. They have also extended their UK 2013 tour due to demand, which is now sold out.

The Boys in Blue are back!


The Justice Collective / Metropolis Music:

Copmedia were hired to promote this version of the classic track “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” produced by Guy Chambers, as a charity release, in aid of the families of the Hillsbrough tragedy.

There was an amazing star line up including: Sir Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Paloma Faith, Beverley Knight, Melanie C, Andy Brown (Lawson), Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood), Mick Jones (The Clash), Peter Hooton (The Farm), (The Justice Tonight band), Chris Sharrock (Oasis), Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Ren Harvieu, Dave McCabe (The Zutons), Paul Heaton (Beautiful South), Hollie Cook, Jon McClure (Reverend & The Makers), John Power (Cast) and Gerry Marsden (Gerry and the Pacemakers).

Copmedia organised a comprehensive promo campaign using various artists for interviews including: Melanie C, Andy Brown, Holly Johnson and Beverly Knight.

At a very competitive time of year (December) we managed in under three weeks to get this single play listed on most regional stations and groups including: Heart Group, Magic, Smooth UK, UTV Group, Radio City, Hallam, BBC Local Group, Media Holdings Group, Bauer AM Group (Scotland), Lincs Group, UKRD Group, Breeze Group, etc in fact over 160 stations play listed this single (with nearly all regional stations playing at some point over the festive period) and we managed to achieve a top 20 airplay hit (over 1600 plays per week and close to 10,000 total plays in a month!) and a OCC Christmas NUMBER 1 !


Alt J / Infectious Music:

Copmedia were very flattered to be approached to lead the regional radio campaign late 2012 with the bands single “Matilda” and subsequent singles and tours through 2013. We were brought into the campaign to help broaden the regional radio reach and awareness, not only in the specialist areas but also and very importantly with daytime airtime. With the Matilda single this included: Bauer’s In:Demand ‘Uncut’ network Record of the week, NME & Nation playlist, Q Radio playlist, BBC Radio Scotland playlist, Eagle Extra (UKRD) playlist, Amazing Radio Playlist, Broad playlists across the student network with spotplays also over the entire network, XFM playlist, Plays across the BBC local network (including BBC Radio Stoke record of the week), Juice Brighton evening show playlist.

Their debut album “An Awesome Wave’ was released at the end of May 2012 and crash landed into the Top 20 whilst peaking at #3 on iTunes, making it one of the biggest debuts of the year so far. An amazing feat for a debut album by an indie act with little marketing spend, it caused a shockwave in the pop and r’n’b dominated charts. The release came with a plethora of amazing reactions that saw it touted as the “hottest debut album” by NME, hailed as “strong, addictive and enthralling’ by the BBC and chosen as album of the week on Radio 1 and album of the day on 6music. The singles have been Record of the Week for Greg James, Huw Stephens and Fearne Cotton. DJs across Radio 1, 6music and Radio 2 are united in their praise of the album. The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind for the band culminating in a busy few weeks playing on Later… with Jools Holland and winning the Mercury Prize 2012!


Erasure / Mute Records

Pop pioneers Erasure were back in force in 2011 with the release of their new studio album Tomorrow’s World, produced by one of the dance scene’s most exciting new talents, Frankmusik (Lady Gaga, Pet Shop Boys, Ellie Goulding). This was presented and launched to radio with two singles “When I Start To Break It All Down” and ‘Be With You’. Erasure were on a World Tour, which included a comprehensive UK dates.

Copmedia were employed by Mute Records for the full length of the campaign, spanning over 6 months. Although of course with a legendary band there are many supporters at radio, we also wanted to broaden the airplay, demographic and profile for the band with this very contempory album and radio singles. To this end we set about doing as much promo and events with the band as possible including:  extensive interviews with both Commercial and BBC regional radio, listener events that included a Bauer Scotland listener party at the newly opened North End Pier in Blackpool and being part of the Wave 105 Live pop chart event in Bournemouth (they stole the show!)  We also ran extensive ticket, meet and greet / album competitions for all of the UK tour dates. All of this activity not only secured obvious airtime around the events but also secured playlist support for the singles and album.

Erasure and Copmedia made tremendous partnerships at all levels of BBC and Commercial Radio media.


Mick Hucknall / Rhino / Warner Music.

This is the third occasion Copmedia had been employed to promote Mick Hucknall, after previously working with him on his joint Tesco album “Songs Of Love” in 2010 and his 2011 Christmas single.

Mick Hucknall – one of the greatest British voices of all-time – goes it alone for a stunning debut solo record of ‘American Soul’, This hails the beginning of a new chapter for ex-Simply Red front man Hucknall, after he called time on the band following their triumphant sell-out Farewell Tour in December 2010.

Mick is renowned for his great interpretations of others’ songs, having already had global hits with Money’s Too Tight To Mention, If You Don’t Know Me By Now and You Make Me Feel Brand New. The start of Hucknall’s solo career gives him free rein to record, together on one album, his favorites from his own personal journey through the American soul genre, giving an insight into the music that has inspired him throughout his life.

Together with Simply Red, Mick Hucknall has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, won a plethora of awards - including three BRITS, two Ivor Novellos and a MOBO, and has performed to audiences totaling over 10 million across the globe. Mick is now ready to launch the next exciting phase of his extraordinary career with this solo ‘American Soul’ album.

Copmedia mounted an intense 2 month long promotional campaign that included extensive commercial and BBC radio ISDN interviews, as well as a full day of promo in his home town of Manchester, where he collected his honouree music doctorate from Manchester University. In this one day, this included interviews and feature length documentary style interviews with: Smooth UK, Magic North Network, Real Radio Group, UTV group, Key 103, BBC Radio Manchester (Becky Want Drive time Show), BBC Northwest TV and Granada Reports TV – all done within 5 hours!

We went on to secure a top 10 album (6), resulting from over 70 regional playlists and over 30 nationwide regional station and group on air album competitions leading to release. Copmedia will continue to promote Mick, tour, singles and album through next year.


Noisettes - Mono-Ra-Rama / Absolute

With a reputation for being the most unconventional and imaginative band in today's music scene, the dynamic London duo, the Noisettes were back in 2012 with their new album, 'Contact' and single "That Girl".

With a career that has stretched over seven years, a string of hits already under their belt and a fashion following that could rival Grace Jones, these guys need no introduction. We all remember their well-known smash hit, 'Don't Upset The Rhythm' which stormed into the No. 2 spot in the UK charts, while signed to Mercury Records. Never fond of a formula, the duo always intended on a radical musical evolution taking them on tour for over a year, sharing arena stages with Muse and criss-crossing the States with TV On The Radio and Bloc Party.

2012 is another epic year for the band having already played The Diamond Jubilee Festival in Battersea Park as well as many other prestigious live performances and the Olympic Live BT stages in Hyde Park.

However, with all comebacks from an artist that has been away from radio for a while, it was imperative we took nothing for granted when promoting the new album and singles to regional radio. We started the campaign off with a series of teaser emails to regional radio (BBC and ILR) some weeks before we started fully working the first single. We then invited key radio people to two events. One was an intimate playback of the album and the 2nd was a live acoustic performance of the main tracks from the album.

We then also presented (in person) very early to radio stations and groups including: Smooth UK, Real Radio Group, Town & Country Group, all Bauer stations, Bauer AM Group Scotland, Lincs Group, UKRD Group, UTV Group, Free Radio etc. We did extensive ISDN interviews with all major stations and groups in the UK as well as BBC stations. We also arranged for radio event performances for many live events including the Magic Radio stage Hyde Park for the 2012 Olympics.

We achieved over 130 + station / group playlists and a top 10 airplay position.


Caro Emerald – singles - "Back it Up"/ "Riviera Life" / "On a night Like this" / "That Man" / "The Other Woman" / "Stuck" - Album -"Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor" Dramatico Music

Having already a already set a new record in her native Holland, with her debut album “Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor”, achieving a staggering 28 weeks at Number 1 on the album charts and beating Michael Jacksons Thriller’s previous record. Dramatico Music employed Copmedia to help launch her in the UK in 2010, with her debut single “Back It Up”.

Of course we all know, in the UK  that often overseas success in their own European country, does not impress regional radio and as this was a new modern jazz/beats/pop style- new to regional radio- we had to start from scratch!

The first key step was to invite key regional radio people to see her perform with her full 8 piece live band in London, while she was here for a limited early promotional period. One of the people invited was Jamie Griffiths from Smooth Group / UK. He fell in love with Caro but still needed to be sure they were backing a winner! The next step was to send a very early mp3 of the single (before we had cd’s even!) to him and Steve Collins (Smooth PD). It worked and we were added to the Smooth Group playlist- the first UK radio playlist add (in 2010 this was a group of  FM stations as well as digital) and we in fact stayed on their playlist for months, only to be replaced by her follow up single “Riviera Life” which is still play listed, 3 months after release.

Copmedia then set about an extensive regional radio interview tours, ISDN interviews, meet and greets, regional showcases, bespoke radio event gigs etc, to spread the word to all other relevant styled regional stations, both at ILR and BBC level daytime and specialist. We only ever had limited time with Caro while she was in the UK, so had to make every second count!  We have now helped established her as a core artist at many regional stations including: UTV Group, UKRD Group, Lincs Group, Media Holdings Group, Orion Media 2, BBC Local Network (35 stations), Bauer AM Group Scotland and numerous independent stations. In fact, nearly 100 station playlists for all her singles to date!

We achieved a top 20 airplay hit and then went on to achieve similar airplay / playlist success with her follow up singles ”/ “Riviera Life” / “On a night Like this” / “That Man” / “The Other Woman” and “Stuck” which led to a TOP 10 album ( for over 5 weeks) and now a Platinum selling album in the UK. Caro is now the 2nd biggest selling independent artist in the UK for 2011, after Adelle!  We continue to represent Caro Emerald in the UK for regional promotions.


Alexandra Stan-“Mr Saxobeat” / 3 Beat / AATW

Who would have thought that Rumanian pop / dance music would massively crossover in the UK, firstly with Inna and now Alexandra Stan!

Although already a huge hit across Europe, this style was always going to be looked on with scepticism by regional radio. However, after weeks of “not taking no for an answer” and constant plugging, we helped deliver a massive top 5 airplay (achieved 50,000 + Neilson Airplay Award) and 500,000 OCC sales hit, that was playlisted on virtually every relevant music style commercial radio station/ network in  the UK and included being added to the Capital / Global group and Kiss networks playlists 8 weeks upfront of release. With over 100 regional playlists including: Heart, Capital, all Bauer stations (England and Scotland- FM daytime and Indemand Network evening shows), Lincs Group, UTV Group, UKRD Group, Orion Media Group, Tindle Group etc) this was an amazing UK radio smash, through constant and persistent Copmedia promotions.


Sak Noel- "Loca People-What The F***k" - 3 Beat Records / AATW

Reached Number 1 in The UK sales charts and achieved Nielson Music Control airplay award (10,000 plays).

No question the holiday anthem of 2011.  Every year there is a standout tune that takes off in the holiday resorts & crosses back to the UK to become a huge hit. Last year it was Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup 'We No Speak Americano' (one of ours!) and this year it was all about 'Loca People'. Of course getting this sort of record taken seriously (minus the F word !!)  by regional radio, was always going to be a challenge, but Copmedia managed to get this playlisted at many stations and groups including: Capital Group, Indemand England and Scotland Bauer stations evening show Networked show, Lincs Group, UTV Group, KMFM Group etc in fact over 60 major station playlists.

“Loca People” was the 2011 summer smash across UK radio that reached NUMBER 1 on the sales chart and TOP 10 in the radio airplay charts, resulting in a 10,000 airplay award by the end of the year.


Martin Solveig Featuring Dargonette- “Hello”- 3 Beat / AATW

Well the old saying “If at First you do not succeed” springs to mind!

Copmedia first started promoting to regional radio in November 2010, for a release date between Christmas and New Year! Although there was some National Radio support at that time, the rest of radio (with the exception of Lincs Group- thanks Mr Shaw!) seemed to miss this, until we went full throttle on it all over again in January 2011.

Over another month of promotion at regional radio, we managed to achieve 13 in the OCC sales charts and then a sustained top 10 airplay, which then achieved a 10,000 + Neilson Airplay Award 10,000 with over 100 + playlists across regional radio (play listed on all applicable music style stations and groups in the UK!), which we sustained for the next 2 months and beyond!  

To date “Hello” went on to sell over 300,000 copies and spend 22 weeks on the Top 40 and 27 weeks on the Top 75.!!!!

Patience is Virtue - never more true, than with our work on this fantastic release!


Ducksauce - "Barbara Streisand" / 3 Beat /AATW

Hindsight can be a useful thing in the music business and it would be easy to now see that this was always going to be a chart and radio smash!

However, at the start of this campaign this was hardly the case. The pedigree was not in question for the producer duo of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden are collectively known as Duck Sauce. A-trak started out as a hip-hop DJ winning the DMC World DJ Championship an incredible 5 times (the first aged 15). Since then he has established his label Fool’s Gold and has worked closely with Kanye West, Kid Cudi, DJ Am & Boys Noize. Armand Van Helden is a household name and deservedly so. AVH has had countless number 1’s and created some of the biggest dance records and remixes EVER – You Don’t Know Me, Bonkers, My My My, Professional Widow etc. You couldn’t escape their first single aNYway, it was an anthem last summer. Now they were back in 2010 with “Barbra Streisand”.

However, Copmedia had to spend weeks before release placing and obtaining early specialist support and then with relentless badgering to radio (who felt this was just a quirky dance club record) and updating all of regional radio and never taking no for an answer, we eventually managed to obtain over 100 playlists (including major stations and groups) and numerous featured plays for this surprise crossover hit. With no physical access to the artist producers (ISDN AVH interviews were arranged), we had to focus on obtaining airplay on the strength and belief in the track and the ever changing increasing plot- in the end we convinced regional radio that this was one of those tracks that connected with the radio audience- it worked!

Ducksauce achieved top 5 radio airplay and top 3 chart positions and spent over 5 weeks on both charts and can still be heard on UK radio today!


Duran Duran - SRLV Music

The legendry and Iconic Duran Duran  were very much back in 2011 with the release of their 13th studio album All You Need Is Now, produced by one of leading names of recent years, Mark Ronson. This was presented and launched to radio with two singles “All You Need Is Now” and “Girl Panic”. Duran Duran had a comprehensive UK tour in the summer (Postponed to December).

Copmedia were employed by Duran Duran for the full length of the campaign, spanning over 6 months. Although of course with this legendary band there are the obvious supporters at radio, we also wanted to broaden the airplay, demographic and profile for the band with this very contempory album and radio singles, as much as possible. To this end, we set about doing as much promo and events with the band as possible including:  extensive interviews with both Commercial and BBC regional radio stations and groups, listener events that included a tie up with Real Radio / GMG event performance Charity event in London, with the Prince William trust injured service men and women, accumulating with 6 injured service people walking the North Pole. Duran Duran performed a full show at the London Gala concert auction.

We also created and operated a special album and VIP “be a rock star with Duran Duran” at each of the UK dates, with all major stations / groups in each location. This offered Radio VIP tickets and money cannot buy exclusive back stage access, tour and meet and greet with the band etc, on each date of the tour. All of this activity not only secured obvious airtime around the events but also secured playlist support for the singles and album. Being able to offer this level of prize and access, secured excellent coverage for the band and also once again cemented our relationships at all levels of regional radio, for the promotions company that delivers!


Katy B - "Katy On A Mission" - Rinse Recordings

Before former Brit School student Katy B signed to Columbia Records, Copmedia were employed by her independent label Rinse Recordings / Rinse FM, on the recommendation of the urban grime artist Skepta!

With only a matter of a few days before release (the label had not put  any regional radio promotion in place but had achieved Radio 1 support). Copmedia instantly achieved featured plays for the weekend of release and then once the track had charted the following week, we went on to obtain many plays and playlists both for daytime and specialist radio and eventually this included stations such as Capital, Galaxy, Rock FM, KMFM Group etc. With her career now in orbit (including with Ms Dynamite!) the rest they say is history and Copmedia were proud to be there at the beginning!

“Katy On A Mission” achieved top 5 sales chart and spent over 10 weeks in the top 20!


Yolanda Be Cool - "We No Speak Americano"(Sylvester Martinez and Johnson Peterson)

Reached Number 1 in The UK sales chart (and stayed top 10 for over 8 weeks) and achieved Nielson Music Control airplay award (20,000 plays) and over 600,000 chart sales in the UK

Copmedia were employed by All Around The World Records to work this surprise hit at regional radio. Although already a big record in Europe and Australia, this style of record always takes some convincing at regional radio! Over a very short campaign (3 weeks) we obtained a wide variety of station playlists including: Capital, Galaxy, Kiss, Real Radio Group, Lincs Radio Group, Gaydar Radio, UTV Group, Bauer’s Indemand network show (Scotland), Clyde Radio, City FM, Juice Liverpool, Viking FM, Rock FM. KM-FM Group etc -in fact over 150 regional playlists, as well as across the board specialist show plays.

With the help of regional radio this became the sound of the summer in the UK and caught the public’s imagination in these recession times and gave Copmedia another chart and airplay hit, proving ILR can make a difference to crossover tracks.

Reached Number 1 in The UK sales chart (and stayed top 10 for over 8 weeks) and achieved Nielson Music Control airplay award (20,000 plays) and over 600,000 chart sales in the UK and was the 9th biggest selling release of 2010 and the only independent label release in that top 10 list.


Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) | Geffen / Universal Music

Copmedia are employed to work with the lead singer of the Guillemots, for his debut solo album “Fly Yellow Moon” campaign. As a well known member of the Guillemots, our first objective was to introduce regional media to Fyfe as a solo artist, as opposed to a member of an already established group. With the set up single “When You Walk In The Room” we went back to basics and promoted to all of the specialist alternative shows within regional radio first, to establish this initial limited free download release with them. Once that was established, we started work with the full main single “She Needs Me” to specialist radio but more importantly at that time, daytime radio; who may have thought this artist was too indie for them. To help achieve this crossover, we worked with Geffen Records to remix the radio edit, to make it more accessible to daytime regional programmers.

Core to our end of year campaign, we undertook an extensive radio and TV regional interview and session tour, in order for regional media to connect with the artist and his solo project, as well as his audience of course!

We achieved over 100 regional playlists and a top 20 airplay hit, which although took time to bed in with regional radio, then established itself as a strong testing record for them and has set up the 2nd single “ Faster Than The Setting Sun”. We then led early with the John Lewis TV advert link before we even had the single used on that ad, Fyfe’s version of Billy Joel’s “Always A Woman To Me”. Within a week, we achieved over 100 regional playlists, including Heart Group (30+ stations) within 3 days!

We went on to obtain nearly 200 regional playlists, that heavily contributed to obtaining  a number 1 airplay record (for 2 weeks), a top 10 hit single, that then relaunched the album to number 12 in the sales charts!

Always A Woman To Me was awarded a Nielson Music Control airplay award (20,000 + plays) |


Sean Kingston / Justin Bieber | RCA / Sony Music

Teen sensations Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber joined forces to release their brand new single ‘Eenie Meenie’. Originally not going to be released in the UK, Copmedia were brought in, as part of the “out of house” promotions team to work this at regional radio for Sony Music UK.

The track had already sold over 500,000 copies in the US and the video has been streamed over 6 million times on Youtube. However, although both artists had incredible profile, the task was to convince regional radio that this track would work for their audiences- young and older! There was also 2 other Justin Bieber releases already at radio at the same time as us!

Global Radio (Capital and Galaxy) were early supporters and gradually over  a month we obtained playlist support that included: BRMB Group, Lincs Group, Bauer (England & Scotland), UTV Group, Media Holdings, Juice Liverpool -  in fact nearly 100 stations playlists, which for a single that at first was perceived as too young urban pop for regional UK radio was a great result! We maximized on this with a comprehensive ISDN interview session with Sean Kingston while over on a whirlwind visit that covered over 60 stations. The single ended up top 10 on sales chart and top 20 in the airplay charts.


Skepta | 3 Beat Blue / Boy Better Know

2008 was the official ‘Year of the Rolex’ as MC friends Wiley and Skepta stormed the charts with fun beats, chatty lyrics and a Grime inspired ‘Macarena’ to boot. Wearing My Rolex (Wiley) stormed the charts to number.

Copmedia were brought on board to promote Skepta’s first full solo single release “Bad Boy” which charted top 30 for 3 weeks. Although initial radio play was slow, we mounted a successful campaign linked with his N-Dubz and 50 Cent tours, which eventually resulted in playlists including Capital, Galaxy, UTV Group and heavy plays across the specialist regional radio sector.

We then immediately went into his follow up single Rescue Me which obtained early support with airplay on Kiss FM, Choice FM, Radio 1, 1-Xtra daytime playlist. This was followed by further singles So Alive (Feat N-Dubz) and Hold On. We also promoted Skepta on numerous regional radio live events, to help cross him over into the mainstream at regional radio. Copmedia continue to represent  Skepta, leading to his new album and singles in 2012.


Inna - Hot | 3 Beat Records / AATW

Released via 3 Beat Records / AATW - Inna 'Hot' had delivered hit after hit across Europe reaching #1 in Holland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Russia, Hungary & Greece and seen Inna pick up MTV Awards for the best dance, best new act, best show and best border breaker award.

We achieved a great support and playlists at regional radio and also included a Radio 1 'A' list and Kiss Network (9 weeks upfront). In addition, we also secured over 70 regional playlists including: Capital London, Global Hit Music Network, Galaxy Network group playlist (6 weeks upfront of release!), Indemand Scotland Bauer Group A List (6 Stations), Cool FM (B List),Juice (Liverpool) 2 months upfront of release, Lincs Group (6 Stations), UTV Group (10 Stations), KM:FM Group (4 Stations), Media Holdings Group (4 Stations), Gaydar, Fire FM, Imagine etc.

All of which helped obtain a sustained top 20 airplay chart hit, as well as reaching NUMBER 6 national sales chart position, which stayed top 10 for over 4 weeks.

Incredibly the video has topped over 40 million views on youtube.  At club 'Hot' hit Cool Cuts #1, MW Upfront Club Chart # 1, #1 Shazam pre-release chart and achieved a No 1 on American Dance Radio Airplay (2 weeks) and a top 15 TV airplay chart success. Copmedia represented Inna on all further singles in 2010 / 2011 and continue to do so, leading to the new album in 2012.

Who says dance / pop cannot be made to work at Regional Radio!


Beverley Knight | Hurricane records / Ice Breaker

Copmedia are employed to work with the queen of UK soul / R&B for her 2009 new album “100%”. An example of Copmedia working on a full scale campaign for singles and album, at regional radio & TV, with an independent label. Although Beverley is a well known successful radio and chart artist, this was a challenging campaign, as it had been some time since Beverley Knight had released and promoted to UK radio, since leaving Parlaphone Records. Although highly respected across regional media, we took nothing for granted. At the commencement of the promotional campaign for the first single “Beautiful Night”, we went back to her Midlands roots and heavily targeted all commercial and BBC radio and Television within her home area, which paid dividends in obtaining early radio airplay and TV appearances. During that single campaign and subsequent 2nd single “In Your Shoes “(featuring Chipmunk) we worked closely with BK on several major interview / session tours and ISDN sessions, as well as extensive appearances with regional radio, for various live events across the summer / autumn and into the Christmas and New year period, which continued to build a strong relationship between Beverley and radio, as well as her fan base. This achieved over 120 regional ILR and BBC station playlists (for both singles) and a top 20 airplay and top 20 album chart hit. We also promoted her sold out UK tour in November and worked with radio for album and ticket on air competitions, with over 75 stations over the 30 date tour. We continue to work with Ms Knight on her current releases and forthcoming 2nd UK tour in April 2010.

2011 saw Copmedia continue our longstanding work with Beverley, by promoting her new 7th studio album “Soul UK” and subsequent singles, at all areas of regional radio and television and also representing her for her UK your dates in late 2011. |


A-Ha | Universal Music/UMTV Warner/Rhino

An example of Copmedia working on a full scale major record company campaign for singles and album, at regional radio & TV. This was a challenging campaign, as A-Ha had not released a new studio album or singles for several years. We worked allot with the band, on very limited time scales (not based in the UK) at re-introducing them as a current and relevant artist at regional radio and TV. This achieved over 100 regional ILR and BBC station playlists, a top 20 airplay hot with their first single “Foot Of The Mountain”. Copmedia executed over 50 regional interviews cover over 75 stations, as well as a Magic London live gig and on air features and many regional radio on air album competitions. The album (“Foot Of The Mountain”) achieved top 5 album sales chart position and stayed top 20 for many weeks. This was followed by another extensive radio campaign with their follow up single “ Nothing Is keeping You here” as well as radio and TV promotion for their UK tour dates in November 2009. We subsequently promoted for Rhino/Warner Music in 2010, the Greatest Hits top 20 album and single “Butterfly Butterfly” across regional BBC and Commercial Radio, with full promo and UK farewell tour promotion support. |